When Selling a Home, Presentation is so Important

Presentation is a lot more than just making the bed prior to an inspection. People don’t always realise that every time someone sees anything related to their home, they are making a judgment based on the way it is presented. But what exactly is the perception you want buyers to have of your home before they even walk through the front door?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Sidewalk inspection. How does your home present from the street?
  • Photos. Do they look like something out of a glossy magazine or are they blurred, burnt out and taken using a ‘point and shoot’ camera?
  • The ‘For Sale’ sign. Is it a professional photo sign or is it just a company logo and an agents head?
  • Flyers. Do they look professional or are they cheap black and white photocopies?
  • Advertising. Does the size, style and presentation of the ad accurately represent the value of your home?
  • Remember at every step, buyers are making perceived judgments about your home.

These perceptions may be accurate, however, if your home is not presented to the best it can be, these perceptions could also be inaccurate.

Don’t lose an opportunity to create the best possible perception of your home in the buyer’s mind through correct presentation.

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