• SH001ID
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 1Bathroom
  • 1Garage


Spacious and inviting. Stay as long as you want, you can really settle in!

Invite your friends for a lunch, and they will probably stay for dinner! It’s comfortable and not like those sitting rooms you have to keep excusing in order to pass.

The apartment is four-floored with only 2 set of houses per floor. It’s modern with fine fitted tiles, spacious bedrooms for a large family, fully modern and spacious kitchen.

Your benefits booking this apartment: –

  1. Cleaning after every 2 days-look at the stairs!
  2. Unlimited High Speed Fiber -just have to ring Zuku pap
  3. Car parking
  4. Prepaid Meter
  5. 24/7 Water Supply
  6. The area is well lit-anytime of the night-from the main road to the gate. Kudos to KPLC!
  7. Strictly rent is payable by 10th. Take it or Leave it.
  8. Ideal for family life, quite and with mature tenants.
  9. Monthly Rent is reasonable so that you have extra to develop yourself…that’s 9, then
  10. Give us a call to book when there is vacancy.

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