• SK072001ID
  • 1Bedroom
  • 1Bathroom
  • 1Garage


Set in Ruiru, this modern apartment is ideally located in a peaceful, secure and serene  environment, conveniently 1km from Kimbo Shopping Centre.

The apartment impressively features;

  • Bedsitters, well finished  and with generous space inside to cater a start-up family
  • 1 bedroom enough to cater for  relatively larger family, comfortably.
  •  Wi-fi is installed in the apartment, so that you can carry on with your projects without interruption, well for entertainment too.
  • Security: The apartment is secured well and as if that was not enough, security cameras are standby from all corners for vigilance.
  • Water: Plenty of it as the apartment has a reliable borehole with clean water
  • Parking: Space is generous to keep your machine safely. If it’s you who want to play with the children or the other way round,the space is generous too

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