How To Getting More Work Done in Less Time; Five Strategies.

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You’ve got more tasks to do than could possibly get done with your current work strategy or style.

  • You’ve prioritized.
  • You’ve planned.
  • You’ve delegated.
  • You’ve tried to focus.

The next frontier is increasing your efficiency so that you can spend less time and still do a good job.

Exactly which strategies will work best for you? Well, this will vary person-by-person and situation-by-situation. But as a Real Estate Specialist, I have established the following strategies could help Doing the Right Things/Job, while offering Quality with Value to Your Customers and Establishing Business Relationships with Results in less time.

  • Clarify Actual Expectations:

When you take on a significant task, talk with any key stakeholders about what they expect from you. By clarifying what’s actually needed and to what level, you can save hours of time deciding what to do and getting tasks done.

  • Re-Use Previous Material

Your ability to reduce time by reusing and recycling work will vary depending on your particular responsibilities. But where you can, copy, paste, and edit. That could happen with emails, reports, work assignments and almost any other type of activity.

This strategy has proven most helpful for us at Zuripo Property Specialists where we have to prepare regular concise, clear and correct properties status reports for our clients who require them regularly for informed decision-making process.

  • Develop Templates and Checklists

To speed up your process on routine items, come up with a template or checklist or find ones you can use. For example, I have a template email for communicating with our tenants and some reports for our clients.

You might want templates for activities like putting together weekly reports or meeting agendas for Homeowners Associations or Residents Estates. Also, you may find checklists valuable for weekly planning. Both templates and checklists allow you to do a good job in less time because you don’t need to spend any time remembering what to do or deciding on the next step.

  • Make It a Conversation

Depending on what you need to accomplish, you can potentially save time by sharing what you’ve done verbally. For example, one of our clients asks us to research on best price for his property he/she is intending to sell or market rental price of nearly finished 2 bd rooms apartment. Instead of writing up a formal presentation, we may accomplish his/her purposes in less time by taking notes and then talk through our findings during a one-on-one meeting, where even one could ask questions for clarifications etc


  • Time Box Your Work

Finally, a strategy for still doing a good job in less time, For Value is deciding in advance how much time you will spend on a particular task or part of a task, and then sticking to it.

Time boxing doesn’t guarantee that you’ll finish the work in the allotted time. However, it can definitely help with focus which sometimes lack of it (focus) could lead to low productivity.

We all have our limits so I can’t promise that everything will get done by using the above strategies. But when you do employ these techniques, you can get more done in less time.

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