Having worked with several top Real Estate/Management Company and Residential Estates in Nairobi as a financial accountant, Charles gained industry-leading training and valuable experience in these sectors. It’s after more than 10 years of exposure and experience in this sector that he recognized many clients in this industry did not get one thing-Specialized Service With Results – thus Zuripo Property Specialists was born.


What we believe separates the good from the great is the ability to recognize where neat service is lacking – to identify a gap in the market, so to speak, and work to fill that gap. With that in mind, our focus at Zuripo is to offer our clients Best and Professional service that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them.

Our Team

Zuripo Property Specialists’ team members are meticulously selected for their integrity, excellent work ethic, positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Our training is intensive and includes in-house training and outsourcing to the best training organisations in the industry.

In line with our company’s steady growth, we keep offering varied roles to our team members which are matched to their skills, strengths, and personal attributes. This creates a team of Specialists who absolutely love what they do.


This has a direct effect on our clients; we deliver a personalized, efficient, friendly and value based service. We account for our work diligently.

We Take Care of Your Needs

As a specialized growing Property Management Agency, our goal is to create the most professional and personalized experience for all our clients; whether they be Homeowners Associations, Estate Developers, Land Owners, Estate Trustees , Residential Homes or Tenants.

We understand that  any property investor has the following major concerns:


Maximizing Earnings while Minimizing Expenses.


Timely and Proper Rental Collection and Payable Disbursement upon verification.


Up to Date Reporting and Complete Accountability.


Regular and Complete Property Maintenance.


Property Market Information and Future Expected Trends.


Competent and Reliable Contractors and Workforce Specialists Accessibility.


Not just a Buyer but Right Property Buyers Accessibility.


The Answer – Partner with us in transforming ”the headaches” above into more profits by HIRING US- The Specialists, then sit back and enjoy your well-deserved profits!

Why Choose Zuripo Property Specialists?

Property Manager’s Role – We’re responsible for passing onto the Owner/Committee or Trust all maintenance reported by the tenant, plus anything we see at our property inspections.


We’re SPECIALIZED Property Managers – With  Highly Experienced and Highly Skilled Team working for you and totally focused on finding the best possible tenant for your property.


Regular Updates – Your Property Agent provides a WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT to assist with informed decision-making to the Property Owners


Vacancy and Arrears Rate to Nil – We strive to keep Vacancy Rate and Arrears Rate consistently below the market average due to our stringent Arrears Management Process informed by better and timely attendance to tenant


Stringent Application Procedure – It all starts with the tenancy application, which is carefully screened because it’s not just about securing ‘any’ tenant, it’s about securing a GOOD tenant who will look after your property and pay the rent on time. Sometimes, we need to be the bad guys and decline applications due to duty of care we owe to the owners and tenants.


Thorough Tenant Induction – We follow up with Thorough Tenant Induction, 95% of tenants will do the right thing so long as they’re given strict guidelines and followed up closely for easy and good living. They are happy to reciprocate which maintains long tenancy periods.


Dedicated Account Manager – You’re allocated an agent who keeps monitoring rent payments and contacting tenant who falls behind. Agents who are not proactive in managing arrears are not only risking their owner clients’ rental income, but contributing to the problem.

Pillars of Excellence

  • People – We will have the highest quality people and stay true to our values.


  • Customer Satisfaction – We will strive for truly loyal residents, customers and team members.


  • Operational Excellence – We will be known for excellence in creating value at the individual property level and will have a performance metric system to keep ourselves accountable.


  • Growth – We will strive to consistently grow our company organically, as well as through selective business combinations that are strategic. It is our goal to have a presence in all major Counties.


  • Community – We will be committed to community and industry best practices.

Core Values

Integrity – We will stay true to the highest ethical standards and principles, and be honest, trustworthy and humble in all of our words and actions.


Respect – We will accept and value our individual differences, and show genuine consideration for the thoughts, needs, and ideas of others.


Professionalism  – We will proudly present a positive, dignified, and business-like image at all times through our appearances, behavior and interactions with others.


Accountability – We will take responsibility and accept ownership for our works, actions, tasks, results and respectfully hold others to the same standard.


Service – We will make service our top priority by giving our time, knowledge and experience to serve the needs of our customers, property investors, community and team members.


Teamwork  – We will work together to accomplish goals, solve problems, and enrich our work environment.